While in Calgary, Ten foot Henry was one of my favorite restaurants. The restaurant has a family vibe,  The restaurant staff has been always friendly and welcoming.

The restaurant was named after the Calgary iconic comic character, Henry. It was first created in the 1930s and became Calgary's muse, so you can find several places named after the cartoon charachter.

The place also welcomes groups so I dined several times there with my friends.

The restaurant menu is one of the best in Calgary, you can check it out here:


Another great fine dining restaurant in Calgary, and what I love about that restaurant is how warm and intimate you feel there, the restaurant embraces the local community in Calgary and cherishes their regulars, so whenever I accompanied my children when we lived in Calgary, it felt like dining with one big family with everyone in the restaurant.

The menu has great varieties so whatever I wanted to try I could find it in their menu, and it's all on the website:


I always liked to try different flavors, and CHARCUT was my favorite place for meat in Calgary, whenever I wanted to take a break from working in the dental clinic, I went there and ordered one of their home-made meat sandwiches, the best in Calgary.

I invited some of my friends to join me sometimes; the more the merrier.

The menu is small and seasonal but fresh and dulcet, all the information is on the website:


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